Urban Toolbox is a human-centred design consultancy that transforms valuable urban spaces for the common good.

Humanising our cities.

Urban Toolbox creates meaningful, inclusive and memorable experiences. By combining expertise in human behaviour, community development and physical design, we put social trust and human connection at the heart of everything we do.

Community as the agent of change.

By inviting the community to be involved in the design and implementation, we offer an opportunity for them to learn new skills, demonstrate their ability and exercise agency to shape their own environment. The collaborative process increases ownership of the space and leads to a self-sustaining environment.

Meaningful partnerships.

We co-deliver the desired change with our stakeholders to create maximum value for the space by identifying implementation ideas that deliver the most social, economic and environmental benefit.

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Visit Small Shift, our sister company, to see how we ideate and implement projects with the local community.

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