Meaningful relationships. Memorable experiences.

We translate stakeholder values into design strategies that maximise social, economic and environmental return on investment. We work with communities, government and property owners to create self-activating and -sustaining environments that require less maintenance and resources in the long-term.

ResearchEmpathic Research

Understanding the user is the basis for creating an engaging journey. We analyse behaviours and values of user groups in relation to specific environments to generate preliminary insights. This research forms a strong foundation for an experience design strategy that stays relevant to the target user groups.

StakeholderStakeholder and Community Engagement

Positive relationships and resources feed into the theory of change. We uncover opportunities that arise from collaborations with stakeholders and communities in the process of change.

DesignPlace Strategy

Physical environment, digital integration and human interaction combine to tell a powerful, seamless story. We design engaging and coherent experiences that increase visitation, and build loyalty and trust. The place strategy aligns different stakeholders on a clear vision and is used as a guide for project delivery.

PilotPilot Projects

Quick and low-cost projects test user groups’ appetite. Through carefully selected pilot projects, we activate spaces and support the design strategy. We also offer an opportunity for the community to help design and deliver the project – learning new skills and demonstrating their ability in the process. Read more about how our social enterprise delivery arm Small Shift can help here.

innovationSocial Innovation

Everything we do is founded upon the mission to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We assess the social, environmental and economic impact to ensure we create maximum value. Advocating marginalised communities’ right to the city is at the heart Urban Toolbox.

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