Urban Toolbox’s work varies from research and stakeholder engagement to place strategies and public speaking, across Australia and Asia-Pacific. (Interested in piloting a project? See Small Shift, and how our approach creates great public spaces, meaningful work and social connections.)

Selected Work
Thought Leadership, Global Economic Symposium

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Hosted by Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Germany) and Chung-Hua Institute for Economic Research (Taiwan), Julia Suh was invited to speak at The Global Solutions Taipei Workshop 2018 held under the theme “Shaping the Future of an Inclusive Digital Society”.

Creative Directorship (research and engagement), Te Pūtahi (FESTA)

te putahi

FESTA is a platform for citizen-led city-making. Julia Suh has been engaged to frame this year’s event through the lens of social inclusion and spatial justice — who has been missing in the Christchurch rebuild conversations, and how can we unlock citizens’ potential to get involved in shaping the city?

Action Plan, Hunter’s Hill Council


Too often, and in so many places in the world, we see underutilised public spaces that are unused and unloved by the locals despite the large amount of investment that went into them. Taking a holistic, human-centred approach is key to creating places people love. Urban Toolbox is working with Hunter’s Hill Council to collaboratively identify priorities for improving a village centre — actions that will contribute to building and sustaining human connection in our local public domain.

Place Impact Measurement, Wildwon


Combining our expertise in the digital and physical realm with the aligned vision to create meaningful experiences, Wildwon and Urban Toolbox have come together to develop an assessment tool for a leading property group. People’s well-being and health and positive contribution to the wider community is at the heart of this project.

Place Planning Services, City of Ryde

The City of Ryde is a local government area of c.40km2, located 12km from the centre of Sydney. Julia Suh was engaged to provide place planning services to the City Strategy Unit and lead the development of Place Strategies for the LGA’s town centres and small centres. Taking a human-centred and holistic approach, the Strategies were developed in collaboration with Council staff in city activation, social & cultural planning, strategic planning and project development to ideate actions with multiple-level impacts.

Rough Edges Street Activation, Rough Edges

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Urban Toolbox worked with Rough Edges, a safe place for people on the streets, to develop and implement a design strategy for the building’s street frontage. The purpose of the project was to improve the public realm for the Rough Edges community as well as the local residents, businesses and the general public, while encouraging direct and indirect interaction between the groups. This project was supported by the City of Sydney’s matching grant. Read more…

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